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Sabtu, 5 November 2016


Kali ini saya nak kongsi sedikit ilmu tentang teknik untuk memperolehi A dalam bahasa Inggeris. Teknik ini memang sangat berkesan kerana jumlah pelajar yang memperolehi A-,A dan A+ dalam SPM yang lalu meningkat. Malahan ramai pelajar yang tidak pernah menyentuh A sebelum ini berjaya mendapat A dalam SPM.

Teknik ini berguna jika sudah tiada jalan lain. Bagi yang sudah biasa tulis karangan tanpa kesalahan grammar dan ayat pun sudah cukup power, tidak perlulah guna cara ini.

Teknik ini adalah untuk mengoptimumkan markah pada bahagian esei, iaitu bahagian yang paling banyak markah. Seperti yang pembaca sekalian tahu pada bahagian esei ini grammar adalah bahagian yang paling di lihat oleh pemeriksa kertas. Oleh itu, Langkah Pertama yang perlu dilakukan adalah seboleh mungkin kurangkan kesalahan grammar. Kebiasaannya perkataan-perkataan bombastic kurang penting berbanding grammar. Langkah Kedua yang perlu diambil berat adalah ejaan. Pastikan tiada kesalahan ejaan pada esei yang ditulis. Seperti tadi, perkataan bombastik yang digunakan akan menjadi kurang penarik sekiranya terlalu banyak kesalahan ejaan. Malahan bagi pelajar yang sememangnya sudah pakar dalam menulis esei english tetapi jika melakukan banyak kesalahan ejaan pastinya markah tidak akan tinggi.

Langkah Ketiga adalah yang ingin saya kongsikan iaitu teknik rahsia ini.

Soalan-Soalan yang pernah ditanya bagi English SPM kertas 2 

1. A day you wished had never happened

2.You have given a chance to visit a country of your choise. Which country would you choose and why?

3.An invention you cannot live without

4. Friend.

5.Write A story that ends with” if only I had listened to his/her advice

1.Describe a festival celebrated in your area

2.Write a story ending with: ” We have never laughed so much in our lives.”

3.My ideal school

4.How can we help promote tourism in Malaysia


1.Describe the biggest challenge in your life

2.Write a story with the title: An unexpected visitor

3.How to keep oneself healthy

4.If you were given a chance to be anybody, who would you want to be and why?


1.Describe an enjoyable weekend you have experienced.

2.Write a story ending with:”if only I had been more carefully,that wouldn’t happened.

3.What changes would you like to see in your life in the next ten years?

4.How can television help students in their studies?


1.Describe an embarrasing experience in your life

2.”Teenagers today are only interested in entertainment”.Do you agree? support your opinion.

3.My early years.

4.Write a story beginning: Kim was nervous when the door opened…


1.Write about a person who has worked hard to succeed in life.

2.Examinations – good or bad?

3.My perfect future husband or wife

4.Write a story ending with:”… Now I realise the value of the true friend.”


1.Describe an unforgettable incident that you saw on your way home from school.

2.School children should not have long holidays. Do you agree?

3.My favourite day of week.

4.Write a story ending with:”…We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.”


Perhatikan setiap tahun ada soalan yang menggunakan satu perkataan sahaja. Jadi soalan macam ni sebenarnya senang sahaja nak tackle sebab biasanya ia soalan jenis umum. Cara yang terbaik adalah MENGHAFAL ESEI YANG TELAH SIAP SEDIA.

Walau bagaimanapun perlu ingat, bukan pakai hentam sahaja untuk hafal esei. Kalau tersilap langkah menghafal seperti menghafal esei dari buku-buku rujukan dan sebagainya mungkin akan timbulkan rasa syak pemeriksa berkenaan style penulisan kerana pada kertas 2 ada dua section.Lebih malang kalau pemeriksa itu penulis buku itu atau gunakan buku itu untuk mengajar. Selain itu, kalau menghafal karangan yang terlalu advanced Pemeriksa akan dapat lihat perbezaan style karangan pada section A dan section B.

Oleh itu teknik yang betul adalah menulis esei sendiri. Pastikan esei yang dihasilkan adalah UMUM. Maksud umum disini adalalah esei tersebut sesuai untuk semua jenis tajuk karangan. Kalau tidak percaya lihat semula esei saya tadi dan saya jamin semua soalan satu perkataan dari tahun-tahun lepas  boleh gunakan esei itu. Saya cuma perlu ubah ending sahaja.

Setelah siapkan esei yang umum pastikan semak esei tersebut dengan teacher. Betulkan apa-apa sahaja kesalahan grammar dan ayat. Setelah itu, tulis semula esei (yang telah dibetulkan) dan lakukan semakan sekali lagi. Ulang proses ini sehingga esei itu perfect. Kalau boleh minta suggestion pada teacher untuk bombastic words yang sesuai diletakkan pada esei.

Setelah esei dirasakan perfect barulah hafal. Hafalan perlu dilakukan selalu agar betul-betul ingat dan tiada satu perkataan pun silap semasa menulis semula.

Di harap tips ini dapat membantu anda memperolehi A dalam Bahasa Inggeris SPM. Selamat berjaya.

Dibawah ini adalah CONTOH ESEI yang pernah dihafal untuk digunakan bagi beberapa peperiksaan termasuk percubaan SPM yang lalu. Tapi versi ayat dan tulisan adalah sedikit perubahan. Inilah yang dimaksudkan dengan Langkah Ketiga...

I could see by her face that she was really angry. I was almost convinced that I saw steam emitting from her nostril as she tried to go out from recently crashed space ship that was piloted by me from the International Departure Station (IDS) in south Russia.

Slowly, I approached her and apologized. "I'm sorry Lena, I know I should not force the ship to enter the 'worm hole' during low ship energy", I pleaded softly. Actually this was my first experience working as a captain for the Earth Defense Association(EDA) in a very important mission which was to ensure Metaoreon that was Earth traditional enemy cannot use its sub-bases to launch any attack on our controlled areas including Earth and 1.3 Light Years Cube in the center of the Milky Way.

Based on information that our association recently receivd, the sub-bases would be completed in 48 hours from the start of this mission and if it was completed maybe nobody could reach the area because from the information the defense would came out with a fourth generation technology.

Our group consists of 10 elite army soldiers who were commanded by me and my assistant Commander II Captain Lena Kagari. But during the transmission we had some technical problems. We failed reach to the targeted destination and the space ship seemed unable to activate.

"Captain, what should we do? The space ship's control system is definitely damaged". Suddenly the ship technician shocked me from the back. I stunted a while. Again I stared at my assistant hoping for suggestion but there was no reaction from her as I had expected.

"I want you to request help from our nearest ally, Corrono Alliance. Tell them our location and tell to send support as soon as possible." I pleaded after a few minutes thinking. After that, the technician left to announce the decision to other units. But at that time Lena looked at me angrily.

"I don't know why you were selected to handle this important mission since you don't have any experience in real space battle." She said.

"Now look we are in trouble, our distance from the enemy is not secure and the probability they can detect our presence is high. It is not impossible the enemy will attack us first when the ship is not in ready for battle." But before I had the opportunity to explain, the red light and alarm turned on to indicate dangerous objects approaching this space ship. Lena and I quickly entered the Captain's room to prepare for any attacks that might occur. I could see via main screen that there were five black ships moving toward us.

"All units... prepare to attack and Lena please identify the ship whether they are enemy or not." I quickly gave the command. Even though I has passed virtual battle many times but real situation was absolutely different. I didn't have enough time to have deep thought before making a decision.

"Can't activate to battle mode, captain. Some parts of this ship are still malfunctioning." A second after one of my units said these words suddenly our ship shook. The black ships definitely were our enemy. They had started firing without waiting for any discussion from us. From that behavior, I could confirmed that the black ship were Metaoreon 's armies. In this situation, we could do nothing except defend our ship as long as possible. So, I have commanded my units to install our best protection layer around the space ship.

At this time I just hoped a miracle could occur. I tried to hack onto the black ship's system. By applying my knowledge in 'reverse engineering'. I analyzed the signal emitted from the black ships then did reversal techniques to decrypt the signal to form readable data. I looked into the deciphered data and found the 32-bits round key. I entered the key to my special programme to listen to the Control Channel on the black ships. Thanks to God. About 5 minutes later, the programme recovered the password of the black ship's main control system.

After getting the system password, I quickly sent fake instruction to the hacked system caused them to fight each other. At the same time our ally Corrono Alliance arrived and help to destroy the black ships. They also lent a hand to repair the damage on our ship.

"Amazing! I've never before seen someone who is able to control the enemy's system in a short period and to get our ally's help easily like you did". Lena said, after we expressed our thank to Corrono Alliance units.

I Stared into her eyes and replied."It was a great miracle but I think you should accept our General Commander's decision. He would not have chosen me without looking at my qualification".

After I said that, for the first time she flashed me her million-dollar smile. After that, we took 4 days to complete the mission. The Association hoped I would be successful in the mission even though I did not have any experience in battle. And it's now safe for me to say that their hope is well founded

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